5 Side Hustles for Firefighters: Can a Firefighter 2 Jobs? (2023)

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If you're working as a firefighter or thinking about becoming one, you may be wondering if you can take a second job for a slightly higher paycheck. Well, we have great news for you: you can, and we can show you the types of jobs and businesses that are best suited for a firefighter's life.

Firefighters can often work two jobs, and many do. A second job as a firefighter must not interfere with your job as a firefighter. This means that the second job must fit into the shift schedule, which can reduce firefighters' options for second jobs.

We'll discuss how firefighters work more than one job, how common it is, and whether there are rules against doing so. We'll also look at some great options for firefighter side jobs and part-time jobs that fit your schedule.

Your first priority is to keep your family safe.As a firefighter, I recommend that everyone have an up-to-date smoke detector that doesn't require battery replacement,like these from kidd, a fire extinguisher,Like this one from AmerexIf you have a room above the first floor, and a fire escape,I recommend this house.

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Can firefighters work two jobs?

Some seem to have a true but false belief that firefighters have similar obligations to service members in the armed forces. which requires only holdinga jobThat job was a firefighter.

That's not the case at all.In fact, if firefighters want to make more money, they are completely free to take on a second job, as long as the second job does not prevent them from performing their duties as a firefighter or cause moral dilemmas in firefighting, they are free to do so Do. They can do whatever they want during their down time.

Is it wise for a firefighter to have two jobs?

We don't want to go too far down the road because we're not doctors or psychologists, but we do want to point out that everyone needs to take some time off. We are all different and we all have different needs, but sooner or later every hour of work can lead to burnout.

However, that doesn't mean having two jobs is a bad idea.. Instead, we believe you can choose a job that complements your work as a firefighter, helps you gain new skills and knowledge that you can bring back to the workforce, or simply offers great personal benefits (as you can see in our review of potential jobs as seen) part-time).

However, we would like to remind you that if you have a family,you have to say your wish2North DakotaWorkand your family– It helps if everyone is on the same page when working. You don't want your job to damage your relationships.

If you want to know what firefighters think about working two jobs, ableCheck out the discussion on firehouse.com.

firefighter sideline

We believe there are two ways firefighters can get second jobs,The first and easiest is to start your own business or a side hustle.Why is it easier?

(Video) 9 GREAT Side Jobs for Firefighters

Well, when you're the boss, you set your own hours and stick to them.This is a huge benefit when you work shifts and can't change your hours - if you want to be a successful firefighter, you need to be able to protect your time, and that's easy when you're the boss.

certainly,That's not to say that everything else about running a business is easy.But in our opinion, the good outweighs the bad.

So what types of businesses might be good for firefighters?Here are some ideas:

The 5 Best Side Hustles for Firefighters

Please don't think these are the only things you can do, but they areBusinesses where your skills as a firefighter will give you a competitive edge

1. Fireproof building business

5 Side Hustles for Firefighters: Can a Firefighter 2 Jobs? (1)

If there's one thing you need to know as a firefighter, it's that prevention is almost always better than cure, and many fires can be prevented with the right firefighting practices.You'll be able to look at customers across the table and explain the real-world consequences of inactionIn doing so you become believable.

flame retardantIt's a job that pays well.. This is a specialized field with less competition than general construction and should generate business easily. You can help local businesses and homes by offering free (or discounted) fire safety inspections.

Being a professional firefighter makes it easier for people to believe what you have to say. And feel like you're the type to be trusted to solve their problems in this area.

Learn how to start a fire protection business here.

2. Safety training company

We think it's really two opportunities in one.Training is a high paying field and firefighters should be able to provide firefighting training. From chemical labs to offices, many industrial teams require regular training in the basics of fire protection.

Most importantly, most firefighters are qualifiedRCP,first responders,ETC this means you should be able to quickly addfirst aid and CPR trainto your list. This is your second great opportunity,Almost all workplaces around the world must ensure that they have qualified first responders and people trained in CPR on their workforce.

Training of this nature can bring in $100 or more an hour, which can be more lucrative than your day job.It also tends to take place in relatively short meeting times, which allows you to easily fit it into your busy daily work schedule.

Learn how to start a safety training business here.

Click here to become a CPR Instructor

(Video) The hardest part of being a firefighter. #shorts #podcast #firefighter

Click here to become an EMT Instructor

3. Safety consulting business

Once you add the word "consultant" to your business name, you know you can charge a hefty fee. For the work you do.It seems to open the pockets of companies in ways that no other position can.

Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to offer good value for money.ASecurity AdvisorEnter businesses, inspect their buildings and report potential hazards(Sometimes it's just a fire hazard, but a more general safety advisory can broaden your scope for more opportunities).

so You create an implementation plan and timeline to correct any issues determined.At times you will also work with companies to manage the delivery of projects. This can be fun, very different from the day-to-day work of a firefighter, but still complementary.

Learn how to start a security consulting business here.

4. Physical training

5 Side Hustles for Firefighters: Can a Firefighter 2 Jobs? (2)

Want to make sure your second job feels a little less "firefighting"?It's totally understandable, sometimes change is like taking a break, right? There is no doubt that the average firefighter is a very healthy and energetic person. This is not a job for those who like to do nothing.

so,Why not consider getting into personal fitness training?It's not as lucrative as consulting, but it can be a really good way of working where you help people and see up close the benefit you bring to people's lives.

It may be helpful to have some basic qualifications in the field before starting.You can then decide if you want to work one-on-one with private clients, or if you prefer bootcamp-style sessions in more public spaces, or you might even want a combination of the two.

In the long term,If you are successful, you can also hire other firefighters for more training in their spare time.

Learn how to start a personal training business from home here.

Click here to become a Certified Personal Trainer

5. Consider buying a franchise

One of the benefits of buyingfranchiseYes, you don't need a lot of business experience to get started. That's because part of your franchise fee includes training and development to help run the business you're buying.

Franchising businesses tend to be less risky As a person, because you are buying and using an established name.On the other hand, however, there are often fewer opportunities for huge profits, as some money always goes back to the brand owner.

(Video) BEST 5 side hustles for people who aren't LAZY

But make sure, if you go this route, you can eventually appoint someone to manage your franchise for you.. Some franchise models require the owner to be "hands-on" at all times, which limits your ability to grow your business, especially if your primary job is as a firefighter.

You can get some ideas about starting a franchise business here.

Part-time firefighter job?

For firefighters, the part-time job option is not as exciting as the opportunity to run your own business. The biggest challenge is that firefighters work in shifts that not many other jobs are willing to do.

However, some jobs require shift work., while they might not use all your fire knowledge, they can definitely make some extra money and give you a break from doing the things you normally do.

The 5 Hottest Part-Time Jobs for Firefighters

1. Work in one of the above five companies

One thing you can be sure of is that if you have firefighting skills, you will be valuable to someone running the above 5 businesses. Some of these people may be firefighters or ex-firefighters, some may not, but all will be looking for someone with their morals and experience.

Consulting, training, and more without being a company owner.You won't get paid as much as you used to, but you also won't have the headaches of running the company, management, sales and marketing, etc. You can enjoy extra income simply by putting your experience to work. arrive.

In fact, in some cases,If you work part-time at a fairly large company, you can earn almost as much as someone running a one-man business

2. Serve as an Emergency Medical Technician

Now, This does not mean: sign up and becomenursing staffOr first responders (although some firefighters do).This means applying the knowledge you gain as a first responder or paramedic to coordination transactions.

You can find work at:Blood Transfusion Clinic, as apressure tester, answering calls in the emergency room, and even serving asphlebotomist(although you need to rate it for this).

hayThere are many opportunities in these fieldsHis skills as a firefighter fit their needs perfectly.

3. Selling as a Realtor

5 Side Hustles for Firefighters: Can a Firefighter 2 Jobs? (3)

You won't get rich when you start becauseAs a real estate agent, you work hard to build a long-term portfolio, but you can make a lot of moneySell ​​a house, sell multiple houses, and you can make a fortune.

You'll need to be qualified in real estate to do this, and if you're a U.S. firefighter, you may need specific certifications, depending on where you live.. In the UK, on ​​the other hand, you can just go out and find a job; selling a house in the UK does not require qualifications.

as a firefighter,Can provide potential buyers with valuable information on safetyPeople are more likely to respect the word of a trusted professional than the average realtor with no firefighting experience.

(Video) 5 Things I Would Never Do: Firefighter Edition

Click here to learn about the requirements to become a Realtor in your area

4. Woodworking

Skilled carpenters are hard to findIf you have the ability to build things with your hands, the rewards are good.It's worth noting, however, that in some states (but not all), you may need to be licensed as a carpenter to work.

Many people may decide to work for themselves rather than for an employer, but this can complicate the job quite a bit, although it does have the advantage of being able to choose which projects you work on.

Note, however, thatWoodworking can be a bit "seasonal"And there tends to be more work in the warmer months than in winter.

Here's how to become a carpenter.

5. Cocktails are a good choice

Bartenders may not get the best wages, but that's because they get tips that can increase profits considerably.Incredibly, quite a few states now require bartenders to be licensed and certified in order to find work.

This isn't true everywhere, and of course it's rare outside of the US: you can usually learn what you need to know in the workplace.

While we hope you don't use your fire skills too much while bartendingIt's a great way to learn how to meet and interact with people, and you can use it anytime you're looking for a promotion in your main job.

Here's information about bartender licenses.

in conclusion

Can firefighters work two jobs?if you can. Although there are some restrictions on the jobs they can do as they work in shifts. Firefighting should always be a firefighter's first priority and nothing they do should morally conflict with their primary job.

Should they have two jobs?It's up to the individual firefighter and their family. There are certainly good reasons for some extra money and work, as well as good reasons for more rest.

As for what jobs they can do?We hope our firefighter business opportunities and freelance guides have helped spark your imagination.

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5 Side Hustles for Firefighters: Can a Firefighter 2 Jobs? ›

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Despite ever-tightening budgets, hefty paydays are actually becoming the norm for a lot of firefighters. In 2015, some firefighters with the San Ramon Valley Fire District were making as much as $400,000 a year in total compensation, CBS San Francisco reports.

Can a firefighter make 6 figures? ›

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Despite ever-tightening budgets, hefty paydays are actually becoming the norm for a lot of firefighters. In 2015, some firefighters with the San Ramon Valley Fire District were making as much as $400,000 a year in total compensation, CBS San Francisco reports.

Can you be 5 2 and a firefighter? ›

While there isn't a “minimum height requirement,” a recruit still needs to be able to perform the tasks asked of them on a physical agility test/course, as well as perform those tasks on an every day basis. For instance, one of my good friends is 5'1” but he's one of the best firemen I know.

What does a firefighter 2 do? ›

The Firefighter Type 2 serves on a hand crew, engine crew, or helitack crew, performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in the most adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions.

What is the hardest firefighter job? ›

1) Wildlands firefighter

Being a wildlands firefighter is possibly one of the toughest and most intense jobs out there — it involves a lot of carrying heavy things, and hiking up steep slopes and mountains to fight forest fires. A forest fire is a lot bigger than a typical house fire, and way harder to contain.


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