How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (2023)

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Your 3D printer firmware is the system software that controls the movement and operation of the motors, heating elements, and other components. We might call it the brain or engine of the machine, and it's usually stored in the printer's microcontroller, a small computer programmed to accept commands from the user. There are several 3D printer firmwares to choose from such as Marlin, RepRap and Klipper.

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Before going through the firmware update process, let's go over the reasons why you might need to update your firmware.

When should I update my 3D printer's firmware?

While updating your 3D printer's firmware is not required, there are several benefits to doing so:

  • Get the latest features: Updating your firmware may give you access to new features and functionality that may not be available in earlier versions. Plus, you get the extra security measure of a 3D printer.
  • Enhance your 3D printing: If you're still having trouble with your prints and you've tried everything else without success, you should consider upgrading.
  • Security reasons:Newer firmware versions often include security features that help protect the 3D printer from damage.
  • Fix bugs and other issues: Updates help resolve bugs or other issues with your 3D printer, ensuring reliability and accuracy.
  • new connection options: Firmware updates can sometimes add new ways to connect to your 3D printer, such as Wi-Fi or USB (if not currently supported).
(Video) Easily upgrade the Marlin firmware on your kit 3D printer!

We will use the Marlin firmware as a demonstration of updating the firmware. If you want to know what type of firmware your printer is running, clickaboutsection on the LCD screen.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (1)

Follow the steps below to learn how to easily update your firmware.

Step 1: Download the firmware

Wei La LaMarlin websitethen clickdownload marlinbutton.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (2)

A new window will open showing various firmware versions. Select the latest version (the top one) at the time of writing, version; click on its zip file, indownload.After downloading, unzip the file and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Setting Up Your 3D Printer

You can get the specific configuration of the 3D printer inMarin's GitHub page, a repository for all development, you can select a specific 3D printer. Once there, scroll down toset upThen click on it.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (3)

then gothe codesection and clickDownload zip codein the drop-down menu.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (4)

After downloading the installer zip, unzip it to extract the files.

Step 3 - Override firmware settings

In the extracted configuration file, open theenvironmentfolder, thenexample;A list of 3D printers will be listed as shown below.

(Video) How To Update 3D Printer To Marlin 2.1 Firmware (for Ender 3 and more)
How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (5)

Select the folder for your specific 3D printer and copyconfigure.hyesconfigure_adv.hFiles These two files contain all the necessary settings for the 3D printer.

In the Marlin firmware extract file, go toNeedlefolder, open it, and paste the file you just copied into it. You will see a notification as shown below.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (6)

Select the replacement file. Now that your firmware is configured for your 3D printer, you can start building.

Step 4: Build and Load the Configured Firmware

We will use the Arduino IDE and Marlin software to compile the configured firmware. To do so, please visitarduino programweb page and download the specific IDE version for your operating system.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (7)

Open the downloaded file and install the Arduino IDE application. then double clickmarlin.inofile in the Marlin firmware folder; it will open in the Arduino IDE.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (8)

The next step is to select the microcontroller board. This varies on different 3D printers; you should research what microcontroller your machine is running on and choose that. In this case we will choose the Arduino Mega. your choiceTools > Development Boards > Arduino AVR Development Board, You'll see several boards listed there.

(Video) Update your 3D printer firmware without a bootloader!
How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (9)

Step 5 - Load the configured firmware

After selecting the dashboard, click on the tick icon in the upper left section to check the details and the build process will start.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (10)

It takes a few seconds for the build process to complete; if there are errors, they will be displayed in the output section (at the bottom of the IDE). You can connect your 3D printer to your computer using the following methodsAppropriate type of USB cablethen clickpromotebutton.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (11)

If everything is set up correctly, you will have successfully updated the firmware.

Step 6: Install the Bootloader (Optional)

When you try to flash and update the firmware, you may encounter errors during the process. This may be because your 3D printer does not havebootloader, which makes it difficult to update the firmware via the USB cable. To install the bootloader, you need an Arduino board,Allen wrench, yesjumper cablenext to the firmware. Then follow the steps below.

1. Remove the electronics housing from the 3D printer

You can use a screwdriver or Allen key to loosen the screws on the printer electronics cover. Once you've located all the visible electronics, take a USB cable and connect one end to the laptop and the other to the Arduino. Next, lift the cover and insert the Arduino so that its ISCP header is consistent with the one on the 3D printer board, as shown in the figure below.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (12)

2. Set up the environment

In the Arduino IDE, go toFile > Examples > 11.ArduinoISP > ArduinoISP.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (13)
(Video) How to update your 3D printer firmware using Cura

A new window will open. going toTools > Development Board > Gore(1284P Development Board).If you don't see this option, go to theBlood GitHub Pageand copy the plugin url there.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (14)

In the Arduino IDE, go toArduino IDE > Preferencesand paste the URL you copied intoAdditional Kanban Manager URLssite. then clickOKYou'll see the plugin download and install.

When done, returnTools > Board > Board Manager.In the Search tab, search for Bloodseeker and you'll see it listed. clickInstall, You will see the package installed in the output window.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (15)

3. Connect the cables and install the bootloader

Connect the five female-to-female jumper wires to the Arduino and your 3D printer board. When you join them, make sure the location in the ISCP header matches. Next, take a male to female jumper wire and connect it to pin 10 on the Arduino and the top right port on the printer board as shown below.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (16)

Now, in the Arduino IDE, go toTools > Schedulerand selectArduino as ISP.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (17)

Finally, to successfully install the bootloader, go toTools > Burn Bootloader.

How to update the firmware of your 3D printer (18)
(Video) How to Update the Firmware on Your Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer

After a few seconds, you will see a message in the output section that the process is complete. Remove the Arduino and attached cables, plug in the USB cable and start uploading the firmware.

3D printing made easy with updated firmware

Like other electronic devices, 3D printers may require firmware updates to ensure they function as required. So, if you're having issues with 3D printing (all other things being equal), consider upgrading your firmware following the steps above.

It is imperative to research what type of firmware your machine is running, as installing the wrong firmware can damage your printer. You should check your settings before running the next print after an update, as a firmware update will reset most of your previous customizations.


How to update the firmware of your 3D printer? ›

Checking your current firmware version:

The first option is to use Repetier-Host which is an open-source 3D printer control software, or you can do this by using Arduino. This option provides all the necessary information regarding your firmware version.

How do I know what firmware my 3D printer has? ›

Checking your current firmware version:

The first option is to use Repetier-Host which is an open-source 3D printer control software, or you can do this by using Arduino. This option provides all the necessary information regarding your firmware version.

Why update 3D printer firmware? ›

Firmware updates on your printer, just like your phone, can fix technical bugs with your device that help improve performance and keeps the machine's programs running as smoothly as possible.

Do I need to update firmware for my 3D printer? ›

Without firmware, the 3D printer wouldn't understand the G-code input. In this article, we'll look at why you would want to change your 3D printer's firmware, and then go over the process of how to change it. After that, we'll look at some of the popular 3D printer firmware options to choose from. Let's get to it!

Do I need to upgrade my Ender 3 firmware? ›

You might be wondering if you need to update the firmware on the Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro. Except for old printers where thermal runaway is a real fire risk, t's not absolutely necessary if you haven't made any hardware changes (e.g. motherboard, CR Touch, new motors).

What is firmware for 3D printer? ›

Firmware is the "intelligence" of a 3D printer — its main program, which allows processing G-code commands received from the slicer, implementing them into specific actions and characteristics of actions performed by the hardware of the device. For instance, the software sends the G-code command “G1 X50 Y50”.

Do I need to update printer firmware? ›

Same as any software, you need to update printer firmware sometimes to improve your printer functionality. Usually, such updates are performed automatically. They may contain some bug fixes, which makes your device work better, safer, and more efficiently.

Where is firmware on a printer? ›

Firmware update settings are usually found under the “settings” or “maintenance” menu of your printer.

How do I check my firmware up to date? ›

How to Find Your Firmware Revision for Windows ®
  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Open Control panel> System> Hardware.
  3. Select Device Manager.
  4. Expand Disk drives.
  5. Right-click on the drive and select Properties.
  6. Select the Details tab and select Hardware lds from the drop down menu.

What firmware does Ender 3 printer use? ›

Choose “Marlin 2.0. 1 V1. 0.1 original version”, this is the default firmware that comes with the 3D printer for Ender 3 as of the time this tutorial is written.

What firmware do I need for Ender 3? ›

Some of the most popular firmware options for Ender 3 V2 include: Marlin, Klipper, Jyers, TH3D, and Creality. Marlin is a popular open-source firmware, and is used by many Ender 3 V2 owners. It offers extensive customization options and is great for those who want to tweak their printer's settings.

What happens if you don't update firmware? ›

If their system is not regularly maintained through an update, the firmware will gradually become more susceptible to security vulnerabilities which can cause serious financial damage or system down time. Firmware updates return security to the same or a higher level as the original.

Should I do a firmware update? ›

A Firmware update improves the functionality and features of your device. It can provide fixes to any performance issues that may occur.

Why do 3D printers fail so much? ›

Typically this 3D printing problem is attributable to two parts of the printing process — either something is wrong with your filament supply, or there's a problem with the hot end/nozzle itself. It could be as simple a case as your filament has run out.

How should firmware be updated? ›

How to Update Your Router
  1. Type your routers IP address into the search bar of any web browser. ...
  2. Enter your username and password. ...
  3. Locate the Firmware or Update section. ...
  4. Go to your router manufacturer's website. ...
  5. Download the firmware update file. ...
  6. Extract the file and move it to your desktop.

Do 3D printers require maintenance? ›

All manufacturing equipment requires maintenance, small desktop 3D printers included. Manufacturers usually provide a small checklist of preventive maintenance actions, but unfortunately, people tend to postpone, if not ignore altogether, preventive maintenance.

Do 3D printers need to be calibrated? ›

Calibrating your 3D printer ensures that every print will turn out the same, every time. While you may need to invest a little time fine-tuning the first layer, stepper motors, and filament settings, it's sure to pay off in terms of print quality. With just a few adjustments, you can optimize your printer's abilities.

How long does an Ender 3 last? ›

With proper use and maintenance, an Ender 3 should last you at least 5 years of printing, up to 10+ years. Your 3D printer lifespan will depend on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. Regular cleaning, replacements and careful use of your 3D printer will maximize lifespan and 3D printing hours.

How long does it take Ender 3 firmware to update? ›

The process could take up to 1 minute. The motherboard will not be updated if the . bin file has the same name as any firmware you have previously used. for example, if your firmware is called “ender”, and you have never updated with a firmware called “ender”, your 3D printer will be updated.

What is the difference between Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro? ›

Ender-3 Pro has a detachable magnetic heated bed and improvements to the Y-axis to achieve a better print quality, which makes the Ender-3 Pro more expensive. The price is under $300. Compared to Creality Ender-3, it's more expensive.

Is it safe to update printer firmware? ›

Although updating your office printer can take up precious time, updates are necessary to keep it running smoothly. Delaying a printer firmware update puts your printer's security and functionality at risk.

What is firmware and how do I update it? ›

Firmware updates are often issued to fix bugs, prevent firmware hacks, roll out new features, improve security or interact with new media. Firmware updates consist of code that tells the hardware how to behave in a new or modified way.

How to install firmware on Cura? ›

If your printer is connected to the internet via wifi or LAN, you can update the firmware directly on the printer by going to System -> Maintenance -> Firmware Update.

What happens when firmware is outdated? ›

If most of your company's computers are obsolete, they double or even triple your chances of experiencing a data breach. This emphasizes how dangerous it is to have outdated applications, operating systems, and even web browsers. Failing to update your firmware could expose your business to major security threats.

How often should I update my firmware? ›

Some routers automatically check for updates and subsequently send them. If not, ideally, your router firmware should be updated at least once in five years. In case there are many devices connected to it on a regular basis, every three years is also a good time to check up on your router firmware.

When should you update firmware? ›

You should not upgrade your device's firmware if you do not have any issues with the functionality of your device. The only time you should consider an upgrade is if you are experiencing a problem with the device, and you have confirmed that the firmware addresses this problem.

Where is the firmware located? ›

Firmware is held in non-volatile memory devices such as ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, and flash memory.

Where is firmware version located? ›

Open Control panel> System> Hardware. Select Device Manager. Expand Disk drives. Right-click on the drive and select Properties.

How do I check my device firmware? ›

To check the firmware version of an Android device, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the "Settings" app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on "About phone" or "About tablet."
  3. Scroll down to the "Software information" section.
  4. The firmware version will be listed under "Android version."

Where are firmware updates stored? ›

Firmware is often stored in a physical device's flash ROM. While ROM is "read-only memory," flash ROM is a sort of flash memory that can be wiped and overwritten. Firmware updates are usually accessible on a manufacturer's website under the "Support" or "Downloads" sections.

How long does firmware update last? ›

Firmware update generally takes only a few minutes, but may take longer depending on your internet speed, and the number of updates. As long as the progress bar continues to move towards 100% the update is downloading.

How do I know if my firmware is corrupted? ›

How do I know if the firmware on my drive is corrupted or damaged
  1. Drive will not initialize.
  2. Clicking noises.
  3. Drive is slow responding.
  4. Drive is not running properly.
  5. Drive will not be recognized by the computer.

Does Ender 3D printer come with software? ›

Creality includes its own 3D printing software, Creality Slicer, on an SD card that is included with the printer.

Does Ender 3 use STL or Gcode? ›

Printing the 3D Model

The Creality Ender 3 Pro uses a microSD card for transferring . gcode files from your computer to the printer, and Creality Slicer will export the file directly to the card.

Why upgrade Ender 3 extruder? ›

Works better than original plastic stock extruder, make loading filament much easier. Even smoother than the red metal extruder. Compatible with PLA/ABS/Wood/TPU/PTEG, 40 Teeth drive gear feeds the 1.75mm filament very smoothy. Easy to Install.

Does Ender 3 use USB? ›

In addition to an SD card reader, the Ender 3 and the Ender 3 Pro come with a Mini-USB port, while the V2 has a Micro-USB port.

What format SD card for Ender 3 firmware? ›

What format should SD card be for 3D printer? The recommended format for an SD card is FAT32.

What is the difference between Ender 3 and V2? ›

In terms of printing temperatures, there's not a great deal of difference between the models here, a base Ender 3 will reach 240 °C, but the Pro and V2 models have the potential to reach 255 °C, which isn't a huge increase but may open the door to a few more filaments.

What causes firmware failure? ›

Bugs in the firmware can stop it from working correctly, or physical damage to the platters can damage the firmware. A sudden circuit short of power supply failure can cause damage to a hard drive's printed circuit board (PCB), where some of the hard drive's firmware may be stored.

Is firmware the same as an update? ›

Firmware is a type of software that is embedded into hardware devices to control their functionality. Unlike traditional software, firmware is not designed to be modified or updated frequently, and it is typically stored in non-volatile memory.

Can a device work without firmware? ›

Without it, the electronic device will not work. Unlike standard software, firmware is meant to control, operate, or maintain the hardware in the background, and not interact with human users.

What is the main purpose of firmware? ›

Firmware provides instructions to help hardware start up, communicate with other devices, and perform basic input/output tasks. Software, on the other hand, is installed onto a device and used for interaction, such as browsing the internet, word processing, listening to music, and videoconferencing.

What is firmware and do I need it? ›

Firmware is a type of software that is embedded directly in a piece of hardware to make the hardware work as intended. Firmware is programmed by the manufacturer and is installed on a digital device right in the factory. All computing devices have firmware. Advertisements.

Does upgrading firmware delete data? ›

Updating your hard drive driver should not erase your data. A hard drive driver is a software component that allows your operating system to communicate with the hard drive hardware. Updating the driver typically involves downloading a new driver file from the manufacturer's website and installing it on your computer.

Is it bad to run 3D printer all the time? ›

Is it safe to leave Ender 3 running overnight or not? As long as you get a high-quality 3D printer, you shouldn't have any problems running it 24 hours a day.

Are 3D printers unhealthy? ›

Some 3D Printer users may have noticed having headaches or even mild respiratory issues, and wondered if they were related to their exposure to the fumes. In short, there is indeed reason to worry. Resin Printers use liquid resins and the FDM 3D printers use filaments that are known to emit toxic fumes when used.

Do 3D printers have a future? ›

The development of new software has made 3D printing more accessible and user-friendly, allowing for easier design and preparation of parts for printing. Overall, the vision for materials in 3D printing in 2023 is one of increased diversity, performance, and sustainability.

How do I update my Creality box firmware? ›

How to Update Creality Box Firmware through a TF Card
  1. Download the firmware:Download.
  2. Copy the file cxsw_update.tar.bz2 into your TF card.
  3. Plugin your Creality Box and wait until the yellow light flashes.
  4. Insert your TF card into your Creality Box.
  5. The update will automatically start, and the red light will flash.

How do I check my Ender 3 firmware version? ›

Why should you keep your firmware up to date?
  1. On the Ender 3 v2, this can be done in the printer menu, navigating to the Info screen, where you will find the current firmware version number. ...
  2. Here you see, there is different firmware versions for the different mainboards.
Feb 2, 2021

How do I update my Ender 3 V2 Marlin firmware? ›

How to Upgrade the Screen on an Ender 3 V2 – Firmware
  1. Search and download the right Ender 3 V2 upgrade firmware.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Format and transfer the file to the SD card.
  4. Unplug your 3D printer and disassemble your display screen.
  5. Plug your printer and reconnect your display screen.

How do I update my Ender 3 Pro firmware bin? ›

The Steps?
  1. Find out the motherboard version of your Ender 3 3D Printer.
  2. Download the correct firmware file with the . ...
  3. A MicroSD card formatted with FAT32.
  4. Copy the firmware file to the MicroSD card, and rename the firmware to a unique filename.
  5. Make sure there is only One file on the MicroSD card.
Aug 19, 2021

What is 3D printer firmware? ›

The firmware is the software that runs on the 3D printer's microcontroller. Its purpose is to translate the contents of a G-code file into electrical signals that activate or deactivate 3D printer components.

Does Creality have a software? ›

Creality Print is a self-developed FDM slicing software produced by Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. It's a practical and easy-to-use tool that can help you remote control and monitor your 3D printer and help print directly from your computer.

How do I find my latest firmware version? ›

Click on the Start menu. Open Control panel> System> Hardware. Select Device Manager.

How do I find my firmware version? ›

How to Find Your Firmware Revision for Windows ®
  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Open Control panel> System> Hardware.
  3. Select Device Manager.
  4. Expand Disk drives.
  5. Right-click on the drive and select Properties.
  6. Select the Details tab and select Hardware lds from the drop down menu.

How to install Ender 5 firmware? ›

You can access Creality's latest firmware releases on the website. Click “Ender Series Firmware” from the right sidebar, then scroll down and expand “Ender-5 Plus 3D Printer”. The latest firmware is included in a RAR file, needs to be unzipped (depending on your computer you might need a program like 7-Zip).

Can Ender 3 be upgraded? ›

But you can do more. Not only can you upgrade the original Ender 3 to be as quiet and comfortable as its newer counterparts, but you can even take them further, molding them to your preferred printing experience.

What is the longest print time for Ender 3? ›

I have an Ender 3 Pro. My longest prints were back-to-back 27 hour prints and there were no problems. Any print beyond 20 or 30 minutes has everything on the printer up to it's operating temperature and so a 40 hour print would have the same chance of failing as a 1 hour print.

How do you reset the firmware on a Creality Ender 3? ›

As per a user, simply go to the display settings and tap “Reset EEPROM” followed by “Store Settings”, and you will be good to go! This will revert back all your settings to default.


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