RAD140 – is this the strongest SARM? - Diet first (2023)

RAD140 is also called Testolone. Many brands and manufacturers market it as the most powerful SARM on the market. That's right? What does the research say about RAD140?

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1 So what is RAD140?

2 Now you know what RAD140 is, but what is the androgen receptor (AR)?

3 History of testosterone RAD 140

4 What does it all mean?

5 What does the RAD140 do?

5.1 Advantages of the RAD 140

5.1.1 1. RAD140 helps to increase muscle mass

5.1.2 2. RAD140 can improve speed, stamina and endurance during high intensity workouts

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5.1.3 3. RAD140 has a stronger anabolic effect than testosterone

5.1.4 4. Increase your metabolism

5.1.5 5. Increases vascularity (fully inflated appearance)

5.2 What is the best dosage for cutting and bulking?

5.3 How high is the dose when cutting?

5.4 What is the dose for bulking?

5.5 Any side effects?

5.6 What can be stacked with RAD140?

5.6.1 For Fat Loss, Stack RAD 140 with Cardarine

5.6.2 For fast muscle building with LGD

5.6.3 Battery with MK677 for filling


5.7 Expected results of the RAD140 before and after

5.7.1 PCT a RAD140 Cycle

5.8 Frequently Asked Questions

5.8.1 What is the half-life of RAD 140 (Testolone)?

5.8.2 RAD 140 vs. LGD-4033

5.8.3 How does RAD140 compare to other SARMs?

5.8.4 What RAD140 recommends?

5.9 Conclusion

So what is RAD140?

RAD140 is a potent orally bioavailable non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Researchers have discovered that Testolone prevents the production of the ESR1 protein, one of the compounds that catalyzes breast cancer. It suppresses cancer growth by blocking the effects of estrogen on surrounding tissues. Testolone also protects the nerves in the brain by blocking amyloid beta proteins. These proteins are responsible for causing Alzheimer's disease. It also increases learning and memory capacity by affecting the growth of brain cells.

Now you know what RAD140 is, but what is the androgen receptor (AR)?

The androgen receptor (AR) is a member of the nuclear steroid hormone receptor superfamily that includes estrogen, progestin, glucocorticoid, and mineralocorticoid receptors.1 Binding of the prototypical endogenously produced androgen testosterone (1) and the major active metabolite dihydrotestosterone (2 ) to AR initiates a remarkably diverse range of biological activities that can vary depending on a person's sex, age, and hormonal status. AR activity is critical for normal human sexual development and function, but beyond this distinctive role, AR activation also has important implications for various targets, including bone, liver, muscle, and the central nervous system.2, 3 The therapeutic potential of androgen signaling is highly valued in the medicinal chemistry community, and for some time chemists have been searching for compounds that selectively stimulate muscle and bone growth while contributing to proliferative and/or hypertrophic effects in tissues. reproductive organs such as the prostate in men and the clitoris in women

History of RAD 140 Testolone

The pharmaceutical company Radius Health developed Testolone in 2010. The main reason they discovered this product was not to gain muscle mass but because they wanted to cure osteoporosis and treat breast cancer. In fact, it suppresses cancer growth by blocking the effects of estrogen on surrounding tissues. Usually in history, scientists tried to find something new in a certain area, but they found something new in a different environment, which was not planned. It was the same story withRAD140. In the early stages, experiments were carried out with monkeys and mice. What the researchers found was that Testolone stimulated muscle growth without affecting the prostate or raising blood pressure, which is very different from steroids. There was also no increase in transaminase, which is a liver enzyme. Research also shows that these substances prevent brain cell death and at the same time have neuroprotective effects.

RAD140 – is this the strongest SARM? - Diet first (1)

What is that supposed to mean?

SARMs are selective in everything they do. By selectively binding to androgen receptors, you will experience benefits without having to worry about side effects. So they act on certain androgen receptors to increase muscle mass, for example. According to studies, RAD140 showed excellent affinity for the androgen receptor testosterone and DHT.

You can't really compare Testolone (RAD140) to other SARMs. It is much more effective than compounds likeLGD-4033 yMK-2866.However, this connection needs to be further explored. Compare withas a buyer, which has been tested in humans, RAD140 is quite new to scientific research.

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Testolone RAD140 is probably the best and safest Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator on the market. With Testolone you can expect the same results you can get from a Dianabol cycle without all the nasty side effects. This perfectly explains why more people are choosing this product over the other harsh alternatives.

Almost everyone wants to reap the benefits of taking anabolic steroids, but not everyone is willing to accept the disadvantages of using them. Fortunately, Testolone RAD140 is formulated to give amazing results without any side effects.Athletes have noticed huge increases in strength and lean muscle mass. It is also possible to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time.

RAD140 has been reported to have an 80:1 anabolic:androgenic ratio. Compounds with this type of ratio can really increase muscle mass, adding over 10 pounds of muscle mass in a matter of weeks.

To put things in perspective:

Testosterone is the main male hormone synthesized in the testicles. The hormone is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics that turn boys into men. In the adult male, testosterone regulates muscle protein metabolism, sexual and cognitive function, erythropoiesis, plasma lipids, and bone metabolism. Testosterone has roughly equal anabolic and androgenic effects. It is inactive orally as it has a high first-pass effect.

Testosterone 1:1, RAD140 80:1, some sites claim it's almost 90:1!

Benefits of RAD 140

1. RAD140 helps increase muscle mass

The main benefit of supplementing withRAD140is its ability to increase lean tissue without increasing fat. In fact, in initial studies in monkeys, scientists observed an average weight gain of more than 10% in just 28 days. This was done using only RAD 140 and without the adverse side effects traditionally associated with testosterone.

2. RAD140 can improve speed, stamina, and stamina during high-intensity workouts

Do you want to train longer, harder and get better results every time you go to the gym? Reports of improved speed, stamina, and stamina during workouts are common when supplementing with Testolone. Thanks to its ability to increase lean muscle tissue and burn fat, high-intensity workouts and interval training can be optimized every time.

3. RAD140 has a stronger anabolic effect than testosterone

Similar to other SARMs like LGD4033 (Ligandrol) or S4 (Andarine), RAD140 provides results similar to testosterone but without the side effects. RAD140 interacts with hormone receptors in muscle and bone tissue in the same way as higher doses of testosterone, all without the estrogenic side effects caused by anabolic steroids. Thus, it can increase libido and sperm count.

4. Increase your metabolism

If your slow metabolism is affecting your weight, then RAD-140 is just what you need to help. In addition, it helps reduce fat thanks to the increased speed at which your body works.

5. Increases vascularity (full pumped look)

You'll notice this during workouts and outside of the gym, but RAD-140 will give you some truly amazing vascularity. The best part is that it stays that way even after one cycle is complete. Therefore, your earnings will be permanent.

The best dose for cut and fill?

There are many opinions about the dosage. Always follow what is written on the label. In general, the most effective doses are between 10mg and 20mg and you should not use RAD140 for more than 8 weeks. Since it is very anabolic,PCTit is necessary to bring your testosterone to normal levels after taking RAD 140.

RAD140 – is this the strongest SARM? - Diet first (2)

What is the dose to cut?

Research indicates that sarms were originally found to prevent muscle girth, so almost any sarm is good for cutting. This is especially beneficial if you are following a low calorie diet. You can use a lower dosage of 10-15mg to get the results. However, if you are an experienced athlete, you can take 20-25mg. Remember that you need to increase your protein intake and we also recommend eating more carbohydrates and less fat, but it all depends on your preferences and diet.

What is the dosage to bulk up?

The bulk dosage is usually around 20-30mg per day. You must let it work for at least 12 weeks. Why do we say 12 weeks when we have generally said that it is 8 weeks? Well, there are different opinions. If you take RAD140 occasionally and are not on a strict diet, 8 weeks is more than enough. However, if you're serious about bodybuilding and have done a few stacks, 12 weeks is more beneficial. The half-life of RAD 140 is 20 hours, so using it once a day is sufficient, or you can split the dose 50% in the morning and 50% before training. You should also train with heavy weights to get the most out of it. You can also start with a lower dose and gradually increase if you want to start slowly.

Any side effect?

This SARM is considered one of the newer ones.SARMand there is not much information about side effects.

With the information we have, clinical studies indicate that no side effects have been reported. Not even gynecomastia, hair loss or acne.

If we look at the customer experience,RAD140It has no major side effects other than temporary tightness or nausea. This can also be caused by an overdose of RAD140 and is not reliable. Therefore, these connections need to be explored further in order to reach a conclusion. For this reason, you should apply PCT after the Rad 140 cycle. It is very important to get your hormone levels back to normal, as they can be affected by a large increase in testosterone.

What can be stacked with RAD140?

For RAD 140 Fat Loss Stack withemployee

Stacking RAD140 and GW-50516, also known as Cardarine, is one of the strongest stacks. Along with a rigorous exercise regimen, it is known to improve stamina and stamina. In this approach, Rad 140 plays the role of building lean muscle mass and preventing muscle cramps. Where Cardarine is best for real fat burning.

For fast muscle building with LGD

The RAD140/LGD stack is simply an anabolic super combo. This combination is not for everyone. We recommend using this stack if you are an experienced athlete. That is why PCT is very important. This stack will help you stabilize, but more importantly, build muscle mass very quickly. These 2 compounds are very similar, but stacking them together doubles the effect.

To run this stack, it is recommended to do an 8 week cycle. Use 5mg of Ligandrol once a day along with 10mg of Testolone, also once a day. Both have long half-lives, so they only need to be taken once a day, which is a great benefit. By keeping the doses relatively low, many of the potential side effects associated with combining two powerful SARMs are also eliminated.

With this stack you can really do a huge transformation in 4 weeks. Be sure to take a before and after photo so everyone can see the difference. At Nutrition First, we always want to know your results and hear your feedback. Let us know.

stack withMK677blow

This is probably the most popular stack to build. There are so many bodybuilders who have given up steroids to try this safer version. If you have this stack, you will grow. You will gain strength in the gym and you will also be able to burn more calories. MK677 in this stack acts as a growth hormone secretagogue, it will increase your HGH which is good for recovery, sleep and of course growth. Rad 140 increases your test level. This combination can make you look completely different in 12 weeks. If you are serious about bodubuilding, this is for you.

There are more stacks you can consider:

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  • RAD140 oneYK11
  • Document 140, LGDy SR9009
  • Rad 140, cardarina uSR9009
  • and more..

RAD140 – is this the strongest SARM? - Diet first (3)

Expected results of the RAD140 before and after

Athletes have reported an average of 8 pounds of muscle gain over a 12 week cycle. It is an amazing result what you can expect from RAD 140. It usually starts around the second or third week, so a 4 week cycle is pointless. If you use it on its own, you can also expect some fat loss as you'll be able to build lean muscle if you stick to your diet as usual, which is great since you don't have to change it at all. Therefore, before taking this compound, we recommend that you train naturally for at least a few months. And when you hit a plateau, you can also start on the 140 bike. Remember, you need PCT post-cycle!

PCT a RAD140 Cycle

RAD 140 suppresses testosterone through reductions in FSH and LH, as a consequence of its binding affinity for AR.

Some RAD 140 users have their testosterone levels checked post-cycle and experience significant suppression, leading them to undergo PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

Users can initiate a PCTfive daysupon completion of a RAD 140 cycle due to its short half-life (60 hours) which lasts 4 weeks. However, some of the athletes did not report suppression, we still recommend PCT.

Frequently asked questions

What is the half-life of RAD 140 (Testolone)?

Based on pharmacokinetic samples, the half-life of RAD is 14060 hours[9].

Nevertheless,DailyDoseit remains a standard protocol among users, who initially estimated its half-life to be around 20 hours.

RAD 140 vs. LGD-4033

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) ispowerfullySARM mg by mg, with doses of alone2-10 mgnecessary to produce positive changes in body composition. RAD 140 dosage is typical10-20 mg.

RAD 140 seems to be a better SARM when it comes to moreZapatillasand subcutaneousLoss of fat.

In terms of aesthetics and appearance in the best conditions for the beach or a competition, the RAD 140 wins. By contrast, LGD-4033 is a bulkier compound that does not make users look marked.

Some of the fat loss associated with RAD 140 may be indirect as it has an advantageappetite suppressantEffect compared to LGD-4033.

With reference toMuscular hypertrophyyStrength— LGD-4033 wins, making it a more optimal bulking compound.

RAD 140 has oneincreased muscle tensionEffect, possibly due to a smaller increase in estrogen levels and therefore a reduction in water retention.

RAD 140 is likely to offer better results in terms ofmuscle hardening, which benefits those who work in high rep ranges or have a training program that includes regular cardio training.

Many users also report higherenergy levelsin RAD 140, as LGD-4033.

However, LGD-4033 is known to increaseLibidomore than 140 RAD in the cycle.

How does RAD140 compare to other SARMs?

RAD-140 Testolone is aimed at permanent muscle building and an even body shape.

Compared to other SARMs, according to user reports, the gains are much more stable, constant and higher.

The breakdown of body fat is noticeable in the first weeks of use, which is also supported by effective muscle building in the body.

What RAD140 do you recommend?

Any ofour RAD140can be used. The price is usually different as brands value it differently. However, there is no difference between them. Some of them may have higher mg per serving. So always check the portions.


RAD140 is a very powerful SARM that still needs a lot of research. Customers say it's the best SARM out there and compare it to anabolic steroids. If your goal is to increase your body weight fast, this is for you, but don't forget about PCT. When purchasing RAD140, always research the brand and customer feedback. There are many SARMs on the market that do not contain what the label says.

Nutrition First offers only the highest quality nutritional supplements that our customers love.

Fonts used:ACS Med Chem Lett Research

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