The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Monetization in 2023 (2023)

More than two billion peopleuses YouTube every day, making it the second most popular search engine in the world. You may not have started a YouTube channel just for the purpose of making money, but there are many ways you can generate income from your uploads.

If you have quality content that people want to see, the size of the audience can make you successful as a creator on this platform. This guide will walk you through the process of monetizing your YouTube channel in 2023.

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Monetization in 2023:

  • What is YouTube monetization and how does it work?
  • YouTube Monetization Policies
  • How to Make Money on YouTube?
  • How to increase views of your YouTube videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube monetization and how does it work?

Simply put, YouTube monetization means earning revenue from your YouTube videos. YouTube's monetization model is relatively simple. Businesses that want to advertise on YouTube create these ads throughGoogle advertisingRot.

These ads can appear anywhere in the video. The owners of these videos get paid every time a viewer watches the entire ad.

YouTube Monetization Policies

There are various regulations that govern the use of YouTube, including community guidelines, terms of service, copyright and Google AdSense.

you have to stick to itYouTube Monetization Policiesif you want to earn money with your channel. These rules apply to all users who are currently enrolled in, or considering joining, the YouTube Partner Program.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

If you're looking for ways to generate revenue from your YouTube channel, here are 12 ways:

  • YouTube Affiliate Program
  • Through affiliate marketing
  • Be a YouTube influencer
  • Channel Memberships
  • Content Licenses
  • YouTube shorts background
  • YouTube Premium Earnings
  • Sale of online courses.
  • sale of goods
  • Great chat and great stickers.
  • fundraiser
  • Drive traffic to your blog with YouTube videos

1. YouTube Affiliate Program

In order to make money from your YouTube videos, you must first become a member of the YouTube Affiliate Program. AdSense monetization of YouTube videos with Google AdSense is one of the most common and direct ways to generate revenue from your YouTube videos.

Once you have linked your YouTube channel to your Google AdSense account, you can submit your videos for monetization through AdSense. If your video meets the monetization requirements set by YouTube, it will be approved for monetization. You must meet the following requirements to participate in the YouTube Partner Program:

  • Haveat least 1,000 subscribers
  • you must haveat least 4,000 hoursViewing time in the last 12 months
  • You live in a country that has access to the program
  • You've created your AdSense account and linked it to your YouTube channel
  • There are currently no active Community Guidelines warnings on your channel.
  • You comply with all YouTube monetization rules.

Before allowing monetization on your account, YouTube will review your app and make sure you're compliant. It may take up to a month for YouTube to respond to your Affiliate Program application.

Once you've been accepted into the YouTube Affiliate Program, all you have to do is enable advertising on your YouTube account and start making money from ads.

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What if your application for the YouTube Affiliate Program is unsuccessful? What are your options?

If your application for the YouTube Affiliate Program is rejected, you will receive a full explanation. There's no way to know exactly what material caused the disapproval, so you may need to edit your channel based on guesswork. But the good news is that you can reapply in 30 days.

If you feel that one of your videos violates the Community Rules, you should make the necessary changes. As a last resort, you may need to remove copyrighted material from your video and re-upload it.

2. Affiliate-Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Monetization in 2023 (2)

(Video) How to Monetize YouTube in 2023 (The Complete Guide)

Another lucrative source of income for YouTubers is affiliate marketing. When you promote a product through affiliate marketing, you receive a commission. Signing up for an affiliate program is the first step in achieving this.

Depending on your location, you have several options. Each affiliate receives a unique link that directs customers to the advertised product or service. You can promote your affiliate link by creating video marketing for that particular product and then including your affiliate link in the video description.

Any of the following could work as a suitable video:

  • a product review
  • ein Unboxing-Video
  • an instructional video

Remember to post an affiliate disclaimer and let your audience know that you will get a commission if they buy through your link. You can mention it in the video or include it in your video description as well.

You earn commissions for every sale completed through your unique link. Find affiliate programs for products in your niche or sign up with affiliate networks. Below are some well-known affiliate marketing networks:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon-Partner
  • Walmart

3. Become a YouTube influencer

Influencer marketing and sponsorships are growing in popularity, with brands spending their marketing dollars on influencers who have already gained the trust of their target audience.

If you can form the right partnerships, many opportunities open up for you as a creator. Influencers on YouTube can make a significant amount of money by promoting companies' products and services, just like with affiliate marketing.

Companies would be interested in working with you if you have a large, engaged following and your content is relevant to your target market. Getting brands to work with you can be difficult, especially if you don't have a large following.

One way to break this barrier is to sign up with oneInfluencer Marketing Agencylike Viral Nation and Fanbytes by Brainlabs. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to list on as many platforms as possible to ensure maximum exposure and attract the right businesses.

Always remember to label promotional videos as "paid advertising" when producing sponsored content. Google's advertising policies must also be followed to avoid penalties on your account.

4. Channel Memberships

Channel membership allows viewers to support your channel by making monthly payments in exchange for exclusive benefits available only to members. Up to five YouTube membership tiers can be created, with specific bonuses added to each tier as you progress through it.

To create one, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and be over the age of 18 to be eligible. You must also be a member of the YouTube Partner Program to use this feature.

To get additional content or unique privileges, you can ask your subscribers to become members of your channel, in exchange for a small monthly fee ranging from $0.99 to $100.

If you violate the Community Standards or terminate your account for any reason, your members will receive a refund for the last month of their membership.

5. Content Licenses

Your content can be licensed for money if you ever manage to create a viral blockbuster video. You will most likely receive requests to use your YouTube video from various media sites asking you to use that particular video!

Because this video is licensed, you must pay to use it in your channel or post. You can do this for some of your most popular videos.

To make it easier for others to contact you if they want to use your viral video, consider providing an email address on your About Us page on your YouTube channel. It's also an option to list your videos on a marketplace so the right people can quickly find and buy your content.

(Video) YouTube Monetization Explained: How to Monetize Your Channel in 2023

6. YouTube Shorts Background

YouTube clips are short vertical videos, mostly created with a smartphone, and posted directly to YouTube using the YouTube app, much like Instagram Stories are uploaded to Instagram. The maximum video length for a YouTube short film is60 seconds.

How can you make money with it as a creator? TO$100 million fundfor YouTube Shorts will be distributed between 2021 and 2022. The monetization for YouTube Shorts started in May 2021 with this initial phase.

Only YouTube Shorts creators who meet the fund's criteria will receive compensation. The following requirements must be met in order to receive rewards from the YouTube Shorts Fund:

  • in the previous180 Roofs, upload a qualifying short film.
  • Your channel complies with YouTube's community guidelines, copyright restrictions, and monetization guidelines.
  • For the YouTube Shorts platform, content must be original and distinctive.
  • Reposting videos from other video platforms or uploading movie clips from other websites is not allowed.
  • The creator must be at least 13 years old.

7. YouTube Premium Earnings

YouTube Premium allows creators to replace YouTube ads with ad-free viewing to generate an additional revenue stream. YouTube Premium subscribers don't see ads, regardless of who created the content. Instead, a percentage of the membership money received from YouTube Premium is distributed to the content creators who created the video.

A user's monthly money is distributed among the YouTubers whose videos they viewed the most during the month if they have a YouTube Premium membership. If you're already a monetized creator, you only need YouTube Premium subscribers to watch your content.

8. Sell courses online

Creating and selling online courses is a fantastic way to make money on YouTube. Offering an online course is a great way to make your skills more marketable to your audience. As long as your course offers something of value to your subscribers, they will be more than happy to invest their money and enroll.

An online course can be in the form of an eBook or a video. Remember, whatever format you use, you need to provide quality content that resonates with your audience and provides value. It's easy for people to tell if you're underdelivering, which can cause people to start doubting your services or stop interacting with your channel. As a result, you may lose a large amount of potential earnings.

9. Sell goods

If you want to monetize your audience, consider selling products to them. Subscribers can show their support for your channel by purchasing t-shirts, hats, and notebooks. This approach is most effective for channels with larger audiences.

If you want to sell your designs, you can upload them to Printful or Printify's online platform, where consumers can buy and ship them directly from the platform. The good news is that you don't even have to be involved in the process.

Selling branded items not only increases your channel subscribers, but is also a great way to monetize your YouTube channel and increase the visibility of your online and offline business.

It's easier to make money selling products than it is from AdSense. Instead of relying on hours of views or cumulative views, he relies on an ever-growing following to keep buying his wares. You must be and have 18 years of age1,000 subscribersor have oneArtist's official channel to use the merchandising function.

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10. Super Chat and Super Stickers

Another great technique to make money on YouTube is Super Chat and Super Stickers. You can access this feature as a YouTube partner if youLive broadcast. Super Chat or Super Sticker can be activated in a live chat for a small fee to make your subscribers' messages stand out from the rest.

They also get custom badges and emoticons during their live sessions. They also get access to exclusive member benefits like live chatting with you. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and live in a country where Super Chat is available.

11. Crowdfunding

Although you're already using channel memberships, there are other ways to monetize your viewers. Crowdfunding with YouTube can help you make money as a YouTuber. However, keep in mind that this might turn off some of your subscribers as it might look like begging.

In truth, if you provide quality videos, people will be more than happy to monetize your channel. Your success will also be determined by your specialization and the benefits you can offer your funders. To raise money for your project, visit crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe.

12. Drive traffic to your blog using YouTube videos

YouTube is a great tool for creators to promote their brand, attract new customers, and increase traffic to their website or blog. An ad-supported or monetized website or blog can entice users to further explore and learn more about the topic you are discussing. Most websites or blogs see an increase in sales as their traffic increases.

The first step is to create a blog with the same name and logo that you already have on your YouTube channel. Your blog and YouTube channel should look and feel the same, so make sure they have a lot in common in terms of design.

Once set up, you can include the link to your blog or website in the video link description.

How to increase views of your YouTube videos

It is necessary to get a significant number of views of your videos in order to generate consistent income from your YouTube channel. Here are ten tips on how to increase your YouTube views.

1. Create good content

It doesn't matter how many advertising strategies and campaigns you use for video creation. To be successful on YouTube, you need to create videos that people want to watch and watch them from start to finish.

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of your content. If you're not willing to add value to your audience, you won't be effective in your content marketing. First, determine what information your prospects want to know before creating videos that can solve their problems.

2. Improve your video's search ranking by doing research

YouTube serves not only as a social media platform but also as a search engine, just like Google. And YouTube SEO, respOptimize your videosFor search, this is a proven way to increase views of your videos.

YouTube SEO is a powerful way to rank your videos. It's important to research and use keywords related to your content when uploading or editing a video on YouTube.

Businesses, bloggers, and video marketers use this method to rank their videos higher in YouTube search results. This strategy involves understanding the algorithms used by YouTube and then optimizing your video for those specific needs.

YouTube SEO can be done by adding keywords and tags in the description, title and tags section of the video. You should also include keywords in the video title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

YouTube's algorithm considers several factors to determine which videos appear in search results. You can use tools like vidIQ or TubeBuddy for your SEO research.

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Monetization in 2023 (11)

3. Have keyword-rich descriptions

Your video description can more effectively convey your message to both search engines and your visitors. The ability to capture the attention of your viewers isessential for classificationfor long-tail keywords.

(Video) How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel | STEP BY STEP For Beginners (Complete Guide)

4. Use credits and maps

The time spent watching a video is a good indicator of how interested viewers are in the topic. The more people watch your YouTube video, the more interested they will be in what you have to say. Another benefit of having a strong relationship with your audience is that they are more likely to see additional content from you in the future.

YouTube Cards are banner-like notifications that appear in the top-right corner of your video, directing your viewers to specific content. A card-like end screen is designed to direct the most engaged viewers to related content. When your video is finished, a final screen will appear.

5. Customize your thumbnails

One of the most effective techniques to get your YouTube channel popular is to create your own.YouTube-Thumbnails.A good title and thumbnail can work together to capture the viewer's interest. Creating thumbnails for your videos is essential as it makes them more attractive and helps project a much more professional look.

No research is required to create an attractive thumbnail. Using the same font and style throughout the template makes it more unified and consistent with the channel's branding. You can use BasicGraphic Design Toolslike Canva to achieve it.

6. Transcription of your video content

When it comes to YouTube videos, there has been a lot of discussion as to whether adding subtitles or transcripts can help you rank higher in search engines. Subtitles, on the other hand, can improve YouTube views as they attract viewers from different countries and people with visual impairments.

To get the most views from organic YouTube results, you need to appear at the top of Google's search results. Most creators are tempted to take the quick route and buy views. This isn't a long-term solution, however, as YouTube's algorithms monitor behavioral analytics more than traditional metrics like views.

7. Create a blog post for each video

Blogging is a way to monetize traffic on YouTube. You can drive traffic from your blog to your YouTube channel. It takes a little more work to turn your videos into blogs, but it pays off over time.

Posting videos is a proven way to improve the quality of the user experience for potential customers who prefer to watch rather than read. You can embed your YouTube video in your blog post and watch your views increase.

8. Create playlists

The playlists you create must allow others to view your content in the order in which it was created. The rest of his videos will play each time the first video ends, increasing the number of views for each video over the course of the series.

You can increase the number of people who see a playlist by posting it on your channel, embedding it, or asking your subscribers to share it with their friends. Each should be distinct from the others, and the order in which they are reproduced should contribute to the overall flow and relevance of the set.

9. Collaborate with other developers in your niche

Some of the most popular YouTubers have benefited from collaborating with other users to reach larger audiences. With every video you collaborate on, you gain new subscribers. Additionally, when you work with a well-known and respected content creator, your viewers are more likely to become subscribers.

Finding the right partner is essential for successful collaboration on YouTube. You should work with creators who share the interests of your industry to make your video look more professional.

10. Build and nurture a community

YouTube is not only a platform for sharing videos, but also allows for interaction between creators and subscribers. So if you want to get more views on YouTube, you have to treat it like any other social media platform. Also, you need to actively engage your audience to keep them coming back for more of your videos.

If someone asks a question, please take the time to provide a helpful answer to encourage other viewers to leave comments. You'll find it easier to build your brand in a niche with loyal subscribers if you put your heart and soul into it.

11. Be consistent

It takes time to get a large number of YouTube views. The platform has its own regulations to ensure that its viewers are consistently and frequently served high-quality video content.

Try to build many active subscribers using the tips above and you will find that they make up the vast majority of your views which in turn will bring in more money for you monetizing your YouTube channel.


YouTube has given thousands of YouTubers worldwide the opportunity to make money from their passions. As a creator, all you have to do is decide which monetization method is most effective for your channel.

Alternatively, you can test two or more monetization methods on your channel and see which ones work best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does YouTube Make You Monetize?

To enable ads for individual videos, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • Navigate to YouTube Studio
  • select content
  • Choose a video
  • Then select Monetization
  • Choose the types of ads you want to run
  • save page

How many views does it take to get paid by YouTube?

To get paid by YouTube, you must follow all YouTube monetization policies and live in a country or region where the YouTube Partners Program is available. You can apply for monetization as soon as you have 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of viewing in a one-year period.

(Video) YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide (UPDATED 2022!)

How do I get 4000 hours on YouTube?

Here are some tips to get 4000 hours on YouTube:

  • Make your videos long enough to thoroughly cover your topic
  • Don't announce the end of your video.
  • Understand your audience to retain them

Can I monetize 1 minute videos on YouTube?

There is no best duration to monetize YouTube videos. However, for optimal income, your video should be around 8 minutes long to monetize. Monetizing 1-minute YouTube videos is not ideal. You can place additional mid-roll ads in videos that are around 8 minutes long.


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