Truck Names: 150+ Ideas to Strengthen Your Truck Family (2023)

Truck Names: 150+ Ideas to Strengthen Your Truck Family (1)

This article was last updated on October 16, 2021.

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Truck drivers tend to develop a special bond with their truck, often remaining the truck owner, and committing to the same make or model of truck for life. They cherish their trucks, caring for them and often naming them to strengthen the bonds they form.

Why do truck owners name their trips?
Chevrolet is the maker of some of the best trucks on the market,A survey of truck owners was conductedFind out why so many people named their platforms. The results showed that truck owners were very passionate about their trucks, often associating their trucks with positive memories, including their first kiss, first date, hunting with their dog, graduating high school, and bringing their kids home.

This emotional connection between a truck and its owner creates a lasting bond, leading many owners to consider their trucks like family members.

Honoring your truck with an official name is just one way to deepen that bond and cement your truck's place in the family.

The survey also found that many felt that driving a van made them look more attractive and popular.

how to name your truck
By choosing a good truck name, There are several factors to consider to help you develop something meaningful, memorable, and fun.

What your truck will look like
Take a look at the general appearance of your truck. Is your vehicle large or small? Is it new or old? Consider color and prominent features. These details can inspire you and help you narrow down your name choices.

Features of your truck
What is your truck primarily used for? Are you a rugged outdoor vehicle or a city dweller? Some trucks are workhorses, others are used to tow your caravan. The name of your truck should reflect your lifestyle.

Your Truck's Personality
The attitude of all trucks tends to reflect the personality of the owner. Your truck can be sleek and sophisticated or rugged. You can choose the opposite name of the truck's character for a tongue-in-cheek effect. Or try a truck name that easily conveys the basic nature of the vehicle.

Another great way to come up with truck name ideas is to think about those things that inspire you. Your loved ones, celebrities, and favorite movies, books or songs are great sources of inspiration for great truck names.

But if you still can't find the perfect name for your truck, we've collected over 150 classic truck names for you to choose from.

classic truck name
According to the 2018 Chevrolet survey, the most popular truck name is Betsy. While this name will always be a favorite of truck enthusiasts, there are many other classic names for your vehicle.

1. Betty
2. Boss
3. great
4. Road runner
5. Right
6. Black Beauty
7. Thugs
8. Rambo
9. Charlie
10. Babe
11. Prata
12. Monster

bad truck name

Truck Names: 150+ Ideas to Strengthen Your Truck Family (2)

Trucks are cool machines, so you need a cool truck name that reflects your vehicle's personality and looks. Here are some of the most extreme names to pick for your truck, with attitude.

13. The Home Wrecker
14. Mad Max
15. Hellcatcher
16. Nightcrawler
17. Judge Fear
18. Notorious
19. Parka
20. Bulls
21. Godzilla
22. Fuego
23. Beast
24. Devil
25. Drax the Destroyer
26. Wild Things
27. Thunder
28. Goliath
29. The Widowmaker
30. Killer
31. Broken Machine
32. Hell
33. Bonebreaker

girls truck names
Like boats, many truck owners turn to feminine truck names. Girls' names can be sweet or funky, so try one of these cool truck names for your truck.

34. Betty Negra
35. Lola
36. Radama
37. Xena Warrior Princess
38. Amy Gorda
39. Bad Mom
40. Salida
41. Bonnie
42. kitten
43. Goldie
44. Banshee
45. Baby Angel
46.​​​​The femme fatale
47. Cleopatra
48. Baby Cake
49. Brienne of Tarth
50. Bella
51. Buffy
52. Black Mamba
53. Sweet Carolina

truck names for boys
Tough and uncompromising, if your truck has a distinctly masculine look, these boy truck names fit the bill.

54. Samuel L. Jackson
55. Steve (McQueen)
56. Hudson
57. Lincoln
58. Leon
59. Machinery
60. Big Daddy
61. MJ/Jordan (another truck lover)
62. LeBron
63. Lemmy
64. Rock
65. Indiana
66. Big boy
67. Chico Hell
68. Balboa
69. Steely Dan
70. Bruce
71. Hercules
72. Zeus

movie inspired truck names
If you're both a movie buff and a truck lover, a name inspired by your favorite movie is a great way to honor two of your greatest passions.

73. Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)
74. The Emperor (Mad Max: Fury Road)
75. The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean series)
76. Cool Run (Cool Run)
77. Bumblebee (Transformers)
78. Optimus Prime (Transformers series)
79. McFly (Back to the Future)
80. Toretto (Fast and Furious series)
81. Black Widow (Avengers)
82. Hulk (Avengers)
83. Gears of War (Iron Man)
84. Maverick (Top Gun)
85. The Dark Knight (Batman)

good name for a truck
A cool truck deserves a cool name. So we've rounded up some of the coolest names on the planet for you to name your truck.

86. Drugs
87. Cold Hand Luke
88. Clint
89. Robber
90. Valkyrie
91. Tank
92. Barra
93. Easy Rider
94. Godfather
95. Road Warrior
96. Equalizer
97. Dirty Harry
98. Scarface
99. Obi-Wan
100. Argument

red truck name

Truck Names: 150+ Ideas to Strengthen Your Truck Family (3)

Red truck owners tend to go with classic colors like big red, old red, and variations on the theme, but there are plenty of creative ways to name your vehicle bright and flashy.

101. Red Tide
102. Angry Red
103. Diablo
104. Igniter
105. Yosemite Sam
106. TNT
107. Ray McQueen
108. Red Bull
109. Clifford (The Big Red Dog)
110. Cherry Bomb
111. Hell
112. Hiss
113. Bloody Murder
114. Rojo
115. Starry sky
116. Red Rocket

blue truck name

Truck Names: 150+ Ideas to Strengthen Your Truck Family (4)

The color of a truck can tell you a lot about its personality. Blue represents trust and dependability. So if you have a truck that will never let you down, consider a fun name for your blue truck.

117. Little Blue Boy
118. Light blue
119. Old Blue Eyes
120. Skye
121. Mystique
122. Great White Shark
123. Nightcrawler
124. The Smurfs
125. Sonic
126. Solly
127. Tsunami

legal truck name
Unusual and impressive, just like your truck, these are memorable names that make your truck stand out from the crowd.

128. Destruction
129. Apocalypse
130. Rage on the Road
131. Skull and Bones
132. Hammer
133. The Ripper
134. Prohibition
135. Warhammer
136. Gravedigger
137. The Iron Lady
138. Truck Dragon
139. Moby Dick
140. Judgment Day

Junker's truck name
If you have a truck that looks a little worn out but you just can't let it go, here are some cute names for your garbage truck.

141. Run over
142. Die Hard
143. Sasquatch
144. The Swamp Thing
145. Trailer mother
146. The Troublemaker
147. Failed Milk
148. Bully
149. Junkyard
150. Crunch
151. Leviathan
152. Grease
153. Half-Life

white truck name
If you have bright white, check out these options

154. Casper
155. Gandalf
156. Blanco
157. Snowland
158. Ghost
159. Blizzard
160. Frost
161. Icebreaker
162. Old Cotton
163. Moon

black truck name
If you've gone black, these names will ensure you never come back:

164. Panther
165. Black Adam
166. Black Messiah
167. Knight's Knight
168. The Dark Knight
169. Lucifer
170. Dark Angel
171. Abyss
172. Raven
173. Darth (Vader)
174. Shadow
175. Dark Chocolate
176. Kodak (black)

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